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question - event planner or florist

Hi guys - I am planning on having a lot more candles at my reception than flowers. I want a super romantic theme and am even making a lot of the centerpieces myself (pictures of family members who are married, us at different ages, etc.) - examples like this 

And this

That being said I know I'll need lots of set up help to get this set up, particularly if a lot of my stuff is DIY.

I've been thinking of having a day of coordinator but is that a typical part of their job. Or do I need to hire more of a florist type person?

As you can tell I've never done this before and I don't know what's normal. =)

Re: question - event planner or florist

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    I think you really have to ask the coordinator when you interview them.  Some of them view their role as supervising other people setting up.  Others have staff that can put those things out.  My coordinator told me that she would be happy to set out candles and the guest book table, but I think setting up string lights or anything more complicated would be outside the scope of her work.
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    Call Lisa at Luminous Events. She does coordination packages and candle packages, I'm sure she would work something out with you.
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    I love candles! 318 Designs are doing my candle decor and design, I know they do some day of mainly for design clients but it wouldn't hurt to find out.


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