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Photobooth-Daily Deal

LivingSocial deal today is for a photobooth ladies. Great deal and they had a lot of dates open. 
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Re: Photobooth-Daily Deal

  • I am so tempted.... I saw that too but I went to the website and was surprised they didn't have more pictures...and I had never heard of the company before on any wedding sites. hmmmmmm....anyone else considering this?
  • Yeah, that has me a bit worried too. But it was such a great deal I couldnt resist. I have been wanting one but they have all been out of my price range. They seemed really nice on the phone. I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully I dont regret. 
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  • humm, tempting
  • I think only the new companies offer their services through the groupon deals.  I booked with Southern Gem Photobooth, who said they got a lot of good business and referrals from the groupon.  More established businesses aren't as likely to offer deals, and they don't really need to.

  • darn it!  I decided to go for it but I watied too long :(  It is booked on my date.  What are the chances to?? I think there was only 100 deals available, and they are using two of their booths for this purpose, and already two other people booked booths for FRIDAY Nov. 16th!  not even a Saturday.  so sad.  It's a fundraiser and a birthday party too.  Whoever's birthday party that is is pretty lucky that someone is already planning it 8 months in advance!!
  • Too bad! I was shocked they even had my date since its only 4 months away. That birthday boy/girl is lucky!
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