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Bouquet Preservation

Since I have 6 weeks to go, I've started to think about preserving my bouquet after the wedding. Does anyone have a company they can recommend for preservation? TIA
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Re: Bouquet Preservation

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    I have given these paintings as  wedding gifts because it saddens me to see a bride toss her beautiful bridal bouquet.

    Don't toss your bouquet! Preserve it in a custom oil painting on canvas. Reenie Rose (http://www.ReenieRose.com) will capture a fragment of the couple's wedding day that will live on as a unique piece of artwork. Working with the newlyweds or the gift giver, a customized painting is created as a memento unlike any other representative of the wedding day. Arrangements will be made to view and photograph the bouquet on or before the wedding day. If the wedding is not in the Chicagoland area, do not worry. Reenie Rose is able to work with other vendors to receive desired images of the bride's bouquet. Digital photos will be cropped to the best compositions for the client's vision. Upon approval of a composition and canvas size, Loreen, the artist, will paint the arrangement in her signature detailed style.

    Since this painting is going to be with you for your entire marriage, it will become an heirloom that will be cherished from generation to generation. The essence of your painting is that it brings you back to your wedding day whenever you want making a Reenie Rose oil painting one of the best gifts you can receive.
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