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How did you ask your MOH to be in the BP?

I'm not sure if I phrased that headline right or not! I was wondering how you ladies or other New Orleans brides asked their best friends to be in their bridal party. My best friend is a guy and I've already asked him to be my dude of honor and of course he said yes but this was before I realized that it was supposed to be a big/special moment between the two of us. I'm not sure if I would be out of line to embroider him a hanky with his favorite NFL Team and maybe some other personal stuff on it so that he could also use it during the second line. Any other ideas because I really need the help and I want the moment to represent our very long friendship but especially New Orleans!

Re: How did you ask your MOH to be in the BP?

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    I dont think it has to be a big thing.  I just called my BMs and asked them to be in the bridal party.

    For my MOH, my sister, I gave her a gift which was a picture frame with a photo of the two of us in it.  On my side of the picture it said "Bride" and her side said "Maid of Honor".

    But either way, I think it's fine whatever you decide to do.  You can keep the hankie idea, but maybe give it as a thank you on the day of the wedding?
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    I didn't ask my MOH in a special way, although at the time I didn't realize I needed to. I told her I was engaged and then a short bit after told her it would mean the world to me if she would be my MOH. She was overjoyed, so I don't think something special absolutely IS necessary; although it's a nice touch. I will likely get her a special gift to give her that day (in addition to the bridal party gifts). Or maybe give it to her a few days before. You could do the same, although in the end, I wouldn't worry too much. :)
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    I asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding right before Christmas so I took them to lunch and gave them each a little gift bag. I had gone to Michael's and bought plain white ornaments. I used paint pen to draw a little bm dress on one side and on the other I wrote "will you be my bridesmaid?" or "will you be my maid of honor?" They loved them!
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    I did do a special mailing. I purchased these "will you be my bridesmaids" cards from etsy. They were personalized. The MOH said "will you be my maid of honor" I mailed them with fleur de lis chocolates that i purchased from southern candymakers on dectur in new orleans. They do ship. The bridesmaids were thrilled to get them in the mail! I'm glad i did something special. It wasn't expensive either.
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    I know this doesn't sound fancy, but I just called mine on the phone... it doesn't have to be a big moment when you ask, but I intend to have a special private moment with her on the day of my wedding and I will give her a special gift then. Maybe you could honor him on the day of or the day before seperate from the rest of the BP. Hope this helped! Best of Luck!
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    My MOH and I have been friends since high school, and were roommates for a while in college. Before I even got engaged, she informed me that she didn't want to be MOH, because it was too much work. After FI and I got back from the trip where he proposed, MOH and I were sitting on the couch at our place. She turns to me and says, "So I've changed my mind; I'm going to be your MOH." I told her "What if I picked someone else?", and she said "Yeah right!"

    Pretty much sums up our friendship. :D

    As for your second line handkercheif idea, it sounds awesome! Pair it with a custom shot glass or beer mug, maybe?
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