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I finally decided on a venue - Royal Sonesta, but I'm having a hard time getting the contract in my hands. Has anyone had a wedding there and how is the service on your wedding day? I'm starting to get worried, because it's taking this long to get a contract!

Re: Royal Sonesta Reviews

  • I think there have been some reviews of the coordinator on this board.  I would do a board search and check them out.
  • I dealt with Amanda Lamonte <[email protected]>
    I don't recall it taking a long time to get the contract. Nonetheless, I just wanted to say that my stay at the Royal Sonesta was perfect. There is nothing I would have changed. I had an Junior Level suite and it was lovely.

  • We are having our wedding at the Royal Sonesta as well as our main room block. It took them (mainly Wyeth) FOREVER to get the finalized contract to us. Since then though both Wyeth and Amanda (she does the room blocks) have been very helpful. Wyeth can just be somewhat of a pain to get ahold of. If/when you are able to catch her on the phone or in person -- she is great to work with!
  • Thanks! It's been 3 weeks now, since I asked for a contract! I would like to secure other vendors and make sure everything is laid out as far as price. I just spoke to her today and she said the contract would be out today, so we'll see. I'm mainly worried, because I'm wondering what it would be like the day of.
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