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Hi Ladies!!

I've been looking for a DJ for awhile now and I've heard many times about Omega Entertainment. When I went onto their site and got a quote, it was only about 1k, and that included uplighting and six hours. This doesn't sound right (it seems MUCH too low). I'm not sure if it's because I'm from a HCOL area (Boston) or if Omega is subpar.

Could someone please give me some insight?

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Re: Omega Entertainment

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    My planner told me a while ago that DJ's in the south charge less than they do up north. It's just more popular to have a band in the south, so they charge more due to higher demand.. and in the north where DJ's are more common, they can charge more. So... since DJ's aren't as in demand in the south... it makes sense that the cost is less than you imagined it would be.

    It also probably depends on whether the owner (David) is doing your DJ or if someone else that works for him is.
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    My DJ quotes (I got 2, neither one was from Omega) were in the range of $600-700 for 4 hours, so your quote of $1k for 6 hours seems ok. I also thought it seemed really low, but since both came back with a similar range, I guess that is market price. There have been some very positive posts about Omega on the board, so don't let the "bargain price" fool you. 
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    We are just having them for 3 hours, with paying for them to park it is $550, the owner will be our DJ.
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    I just booked with David - It's $600 for 4 hours..and I have to pay an extra $100 for the ceremony set-up since it's a diff location at the venue. He told me he has some uplights that are only $30 a piece, but other ones that are little more expensive depending on what you are needing. Your price sounds right for Omega. 
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