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Louisiana-New Orleans

ceremony/reception venue true New Orleans feel

I am looking for a ceremony and reception venue for a party of 50-75.  We are traveling from Texas but have family coming from California, Oregon, and New York.  Any suggestions???? I have a lot of ideas of what i want to do but no clue where to start in looking for a venue in New Orleans....

Re: ceremony/reception venue true New Orleans feel

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    We are getting married at Rosy's Jazz Hall.  It has a very New Orleans Jazz feel.  Steve, the owner, and Darlene, wedding coordinator, have been great so far.  We still have 24 days to go but If you want more information after the wedding I would be more than happy to help!

    Thanks and Good Luck
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    I think a starting point is what kind of wedding do you want?  Romantic?  Fun?  Large?  Small?  We started out thinking small  and romantic.   Ultimately my daughter realized they wanted more people and fun and dancing over romance.  There are many venues and all offer different things.
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    Natchez steamboat -- but I'm not biased LOL!

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    What about Race and Religion, LLC... There website doesn't have a great deal of pictures but it seems to be beautiful, elegant and very New Orleans from what I can tell. I'm sure you could get more pictures from them. Also, the Chickory has a great New Orleans feel plus the location is great (where the Warehouse District and Downtown meet- above the historic Ernst Cafe). The Chickory has original exposed brick and great balconies too!
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    thanks for the start... i have been looking into some hotels around the french quarter but haven't really found the one.... looks like road trip!!!!! i will be taking this list with me to check a few out....
  • asd2011asd2011 member
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    I would recommend The Chicory.  It has beautiful hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, wooden beams, gas lanterns and a big beautiful balcony.  I am working with Michele on a contract for 60 pp.  she was VERY flexible with our budget, but  we were also flexible to a Sunday evening to get what we wanted.  Good luck!
  • meganfauermeganfauer member
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    I recommend Broussards Courtyard! It is beautiful and real New Orleans like. 
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    I second Race and Religous. But I am biased, its where I am getting married. Its so beautiful and very New Orleans. They also have updated their website so they have more photos now. 
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