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Do you have to tip the makeup/hair artist(s)?


I'm paying almost $900 for hair/makeup for myself and bridal party. Is it required to also pay a tip? Why/why not?


Re: Do you have to tip the makeup/hair artist(s)?

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    From what I've read, if it is an independent stylist/artist that comes to you then no, you don't have to tip. If you go to a salon to have hair/makeup done then a tip would be appropriate (and probably expected). I cannot remember the explanation.
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    I know this post is from a while back, but being a freelance makeup artist myself, I can answer that!  When you work in a salon, the salon gets half if not more of the price you pay.  Depending on if the salon owner buys the product or makes the makeup artist/hairstylist pay booth rent, the person making you beautiful for your big day may only see 25% of what you're paying them.  Or if it is in a salon that is commission based, if the artist doesn't do enough clients to meet their minimum, they will only see their hourly rate (possibly just minimum wage) regardless of how great they are.

    I go to wherever the brides ask me to, the hair salon they are at, the church, wedding venue, a private home, etc.  I don't expect to be tipped, but I usually am.  The last wedding I did was 8 girls in 4 hours - charged $200 and was tipped $50 on top.  It would've gone much more quickly than that but they were not all ready at the same time or even present, so I had to wait for one to get hair done and then come to me, and so on.  In that case, it's nice to get tipped for being held up.
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    Wow leilastarre that's a great price for so many people. Is that a normal price you charge? Hmmm, maybe you should come visit me on my wedding day to make me look all pretty! :)
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    Hey I am a freelance makeup artist as well and I was just wondering how you worked that out with other salons you go to when you do makeup. When the bride hires you to do her and her bridal party makeup at another salon do they expect the freelance artist to pay the salon anything? or how does that work?\
    Thank you!
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