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Second Line in August?

We're having our ceremony 1/2 mile from our reception venue downtown. I would love to do the second line from the ceremony to the reception...but it's going to be in August, but mass will be ending by 8 PM so it will be dark. Do you think its worth the experience? Or do you think it's better left until the end of the night at the reception?!

Re: Second Line in August?

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    That might be a little stretch in the August heat, especially for your more seasoned guests. I would vote to save it for the end of the reception.
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    Dark =/= cooler. I would save it for the end. It will still be hot, but I wouldn't be as concerned at that point with heat and runny make-up, clingy dress, etc.
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    We're getting married in July at 7 PM and doing a second line from the cathedral to reception, starting at around 8 PM. A girl I knew also did this last year and it wasn't a problem.
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