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Inexpensive Videographer

Does anyone have experience with some great videographers that won't break the bank? 

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  • Someone on this board recommended Jerry Binder.  I would do a board search for reviews.

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    Good luck. We were unable to find anyone who would do it for less than $2,000. We didn't want a video with all of these special effects, highlight reels, music dubbed in, etc. Just a straightforward video of the ceremony and second line. So, we ended up just asking a friend who has a video camera to sit in the front row and film it. It's not what I had my heart set on, but we didn't have room in the budget to pay that much and get a bunch of services we didn't need or want.

  • I haven't got my video back yet but try One Louder Productions at


    They seem to be the most reasonable compared to what I have seen.

  • Agree with pp that I found it very difficult to find a reasonable/inexpensive videographer (with recommendations) for a more basic video product.  In the end, I chose My Bella Video/Films and by the time I got around to convincing myself to pay this much for a videographer (I will say I was shocked at how much these cost....I had NO idea!), they had gone up in price.  Ugh!  I hope this is worth it.  :/

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  • Try Tim McAskill. He has been extremely nice and wonderful to work with thus far, He is very accommodating even though he hasn't shot my wedding yet, and I think he is super affordable compared to all other videographers.  Check out his website for prices and sample videos. http://www.timmcaskill.com/ He also has a facebook page as well.
    He has some great packages under $2000. We are also not into the fancy effects, and we wanted to go with his basic pkg, but after further convincing we chose the Silver pkg which is $1095 and that includes: (5 hours of coverage, 2 camera's, wireless mic on groom, and much more.) We were also able to get him to come down on the price a little, and he was willing to hold our date without even a deposit in hand.
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  • Not sure what your budget it, but all packages from Blink Video (www.blinkvideo.net) are between $1000 and $2000.  We're using them for our wedding in June. 
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    Danielle Marks is wonderful and has INCREDIBLE prices.  Her company is called All About You Videography, LLC.  To be honest, her video on her webpage isn't very good.  My older brother booked her for his wedding and I was like really....?  But their video was sooo good!  I decided to book her for mine and when I met with her, she showed me another video and I loved it too.  She said that the videos on her website were from right when she started (several years ago).  (I suggested she change them because they really don't showcase her amazing work).  Anyway, I just wanted someone to be there and shoot what was going on at the ceremony and reception, did not want anything special, and that package is only costing me $795.    
  • Jerry binder did mine, did a fantastic job and charged $500.... See my vendor reviews post
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