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Where is everyone getting ready on the day of the wedding? I am finding it hard to find a room in the city for a reasonable price. I am searching for a room to accomodate about 9 people or so. Also, none of the hotels I've contacted can guarantee an early check-in, which means I would have to book 2 days (even though I only need it for 1)!


Re: Day of Hotel

  • I think you'll probably have to do the 2 days if you want a room/suite. Would you be willing to get ready in a meeting space? Only catch is they might not have many mirrors or bathrooms.
  • yea i found that aggravating as well. but i dont think there's a way around it, you need 2 days. I ended up going with the Lafayette Hotel, and we'll do our first look photos in Lafayette square. they take AAA discount there and it's a reasonable price.
  • where is your ceremony/reception?
  • My mother works at a Downtown Hotel and I asked her you concerns. She said there are several factors that play a role in whether you can get early check in and use the room for only one day. If you would like to private message me I can get you her information.

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