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St. Theresa Avila NO!

I hate to talk disparagingly about a church, but this NEEDS to be said. We got married here on 1404 Erato. I'll try to keep it short. Yes, its a pretty church and its close to Race&Religious(if thats where you're having the reception), but its Father Agudos way or no way. First of all he's hard to understand, which i know is not his fault. He did not want to do a short ceremony as we requested. He made us go through all kinds of paperwork hoops to the point  where our priest back at home was even saying "really!!??".  The organist played the bridal march before the bridesmaids even walked in. He changed EVERYTHING from the rehearsal the day before, so we were all stumbling around as a result. Finally, quite honestly, he's just rude. If you want to get married here, you've been warned.  

Re: St. Theresa Avila NO!

  • So sorry that you didn't have a good experience :( did he marry you? That's the church were I will be getting married
  • I'm actually the groom. Yes we got through it.  Also, the fathers message -from what my wife told me later, bcuz I couldn't hear him let alone understand him- that it was kind of morbid.?? I would suggest get a different priest to do it there or at least tell him exactly what passage to read. No one could hear him  -thankfully
  • Oh no! I am getting married there in January! We have a different priest though... I hope he doesn't interfere with our plans. 
  • I am getting married here in Sept, 2013 and he will be our priest. 
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