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how did you invite your bridesmaids?

My wedding is officially one year away and I have not invited my bridesmaids to be in the wedding. I am trying to  find a cute, preferably new orleans themed, way to invite the bridal party to be in the wedding.

Re: how did you invite your bridesmaids?

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    Haha --  all mine basically knew they were in the wedding, so asking them was mostly a formality.  MOH was the best to ask since she's wasn't really expecting it and since she's the sweetest person I know.  I bought her a red bean necklace from Jose Balli (local artist) with her initial "S" with a really detailed streetcar on the back.  It's gorgeous. 

    Um, what about a day out Uptown?  Ride the streetcar, go out to eat, shop, etc.  Could be really fun.

    The necklace thing might be really cute if you're looking for something New Orleans-y to give your MOH or your bridemaids when you ask or whenever later.  http://www.joseballi.com/Rooms/Products.asp?shop=100&room=Jewelry&prod=Pendants Towards the top of the website.  Initial on one side, then something to do with the city or Louisiana on the back.  Loved the streetcar one!
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    I actually wrote each of mine a handwritten letter on my stationary telling each one of them why they were important to me and why I wanted them to stand next to me as my bridesmaid, and I mailed it to each one of them, they all loved it!!
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    I had to ask my BM's that live far away by phone, or facebook in the case of the BM that lives abroad and doesn't have a cell phone.

    That said, if your wedding is a year away, wait a few months before picking your BM's. Even if you know in your head who you want, just wait a little while before telling them. One of the first things I noticed on the Knot was that lots of brides asking about how to "kick out" a BM from the bridal party. Which is not okay under 99% of circumstances, but everyone wants to know if they fit in that "one" special circumstance.

    It takes about 3 months max for most BM dresses to be guaranteed to be delivered on time. So I'd tell them when there's 5-7 months to go before the wedding.

    That said, having a nice little dinner party at your house sounds nice and cost-effective. Make a nice roast turkey or something and bake some cupcakes. Or a cake and write, "will you be my bridesmaid?" on it.
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    I sent my girls beautiful handmade cards I found on Etsy. Obessed with Etsy!! lol
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    I did what other PP did and wrote a handwritten card for each of them.
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    I bought these cards on Etsy. They're not New Orleans themed, obviously, but I'm sure you could find someone on there to make some that incorporate NOLA for you.

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    So Cute!!! I'm going straight to Etsy!
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