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I know a lot of brides are planning on using them but I'm wondering if there is anyone who has already had their wedding designed by them that might like to share their experience and especially their photos :-)

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    I'm using them and when I contacted Nicki, she sent us some pictures of their work and some past brides referrals. I could send you mine or you could contact them. I think the thing that made me want to go with them was the photo-shoot they did with a magazine. I do have those photos to if anyone wants them. Every meeting I feel like she gets it. A hidden treasure for sure. So far the whole team has been more than gracious. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks.  I'm not sure if I've seen the photo shoot so I'd be interested in the pics.
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    [QUOTE]Thanks.  I'm not sure if I've seen the photo shoot so I'd be interested in the pics.
    Posted by bezlu[/QUOTE]<div>I'll try adding them to the boards.

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    I thought I had the other one, but if you contact them, I'm sure they'll send you some info.
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    Are the prices reasonable? I'm on the hunt for a photographer as well.
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    As for the photographer, our is Jacqueline Kay (http://www.jacquelinekay.com/index2.php#/home/)  Love her work and she's got a great vibe.
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