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second line - worth it?

has anyone done a second line at their wedding and regretted it later?  i really want to do a second line procession at my wedding but don't know if it's honestly worth $1200 or so.  in my mind it seems like a fun thing to include in the wedding but are they not all they're hyped up to be?  thanks for your sage advice ladies :)

Re: second line - worth it?

  • I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago, and received tons of responses saying, "YES!!!  totally worth it!!".  I did not get one response indicating regret, so it totally sold me on it even if I have to cut corners elsewhere.  Also it seems there are bands to be found closer to the $500 range, so with the escorts/permit around $850 I think....and there are a lot around $700 also (so $1050 total), so still that would be a LITTLE bit less than the $1200 you estimated.  In the end you'll have to decide what's important for you and your wedding, but for me I decided to really limit the budget on things I don't really care about at all (flowers, church decorations, invitations) and to eliminate things I really don't need (videographer, programs, coordinator) in order to make the second line possible!
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    Totally worth it to us.  It was one of the things that drew us to get married in Nola in the first place.  Our guests loved it and it set the tone for high energy fun.
  • I went to a wedding in New Orleans several years ago and had no idea there was such a thing until we all started processing to the reception from the church.  I have to say it was one of the most memorable things I have ever seen at a wedding (and in general).  It was so much fun!  Not having one myself has never been an option and I think it will totally be worth the expense!
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  • Hands down the best part of our reception.
  • Maybe I'm going to be the unpopular voice here....

    Personally, for my FI and I.... we decided "not". Here's why:

    I originally isolated my venue location (Federal Ballroom) by only searching for venues within second-line distance from my church (Immaculate Conception). This was non-negotiable... I wanted a second line in my New Orleans wedding!

    However, when we finally got down to the nitty-gritty details of planning, we decided to scratch it. Ultimately it came down to having an extra (4th) hour at our reception vs. having a second line (price was about the same for both). And we decided to go with the 4th hour instead.

    But I say, if you have it in your budget, BY ALL MEANS DO IT! I guess I just wanted to plant the seed of weighing what you may be sacrificing for it... and which is more important to you! 

    Good luck! Let us know what you decide!
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