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I am meeting with a possible florist tomorrow and I am having trouble finding flowers that I like. The colors are Plum, cream and maybe lavender. I like that Dahlias and I'm on the fence with Amnesia roses (they may be too vintage). Anyone have any suggestions it would be appreciated. 

Re: Flowers

  • I went into meetings with potential florists with no clue and they showed me all sorts of beautiful flowers :)
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  • They should be able to show you ideas.
    Here are a couple I found by just Google-ing it

  • I just met with florists over Thanksgiving and they will give you tons of ideas.  You just tell them what you like and don't like.

  • How did it go??
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  • It went okay. I was a little disappointed. She didn't seem to understand what I was trying to go for. I wanted very simple and to really stick with plum and cream colored flowers. I just got the quote and it is over what I told her we wanted to spend and completely not what I had explained. I sent her pictures after our meeting just because I was worried she didn't really get what I was going for. I have another meetiang with a different florist that I am hoping will go better.
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