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Flying with my gown?!

Hi ladies, 

I'm wondering if any OOT brides have any experience with getting their dress down there? 

I've read in the past that if the airline has room, they will hold the dress up front in a closet.  But in speaking with JetBlue, they are telling me they don't have room for this.  JetBLue is specifically the airline that someone else referenced as doing this, so i'm wondering if it's just something they cannot commit to, but if they're not super packed they'll do it?

How did everyone / does everyone plan on getting their dress down there?

Suggestions for a Plan B?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Flying with my gown?!

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    Where are you staying?  You will probably be fine with your gown folded double in a garment bag on top of a suitcase in the overhead compartment.  Most hotel rooms include an iron and ironing board and it should be okay to touch up your gown on low heat with no water/steam and a thin towel or pillowcase between the iron and the gown.  This is what my mother and I did before my brldal pictures and even the thin chiffon was fine.  Check the label on your gown for pressing instructions and ask the associates where you purchased your dress if you have any questions about caring for the fabric.  If you feel better going with the pros, perhaps the concierge at your hotel could suggest a cleaners offering pickup and delivery that can get your gown pressed and bring it right back. 
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  • Thankfully I'm coming from Dallas so it's driving down in the backseat of my mother's car. I didn't want to risk it on an airline and didn't want to put it in my small car either (I've decided to drive too) Sorry I can't be of more help...

    Crossing my fingers for you though!

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    We're flying Continental and made sure we got a non-stop flight.  We used airmiles to upgrade to 1st class on the way down so we  are assured the first class closet :-)

    PS  My Plan B was going to be to fold it in 2 and ship in a large flat box a week beforehand.
  • I literally folded my gown in a carry on suitecase. Once I got to NOLA, I got it pressed. It was fine. I wanted to ship mine but was sooo nervous about it.  I also flew to NOLA a week before the wedding so i had time to get it pressed. 

    Good Luck! 
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    Hi! I just eloped last month and was faced with the same issue. I flew from Rhode Island so i knew my gown was going to get wrinkled no matter what (my dress is satin). I searched up and down the knot to find an answer but the only suggestions were ship ahead or ask to place your dress in first class. I didn't want to risk it so I did some serious searching for a professional cleaner. Oh and did I mention I flew in on a Thursday evening and needed my dress by that Sunday! Then I found them, One Cleaners about 30 minutes from New Orleans. Not only were they ridiculously nice but they did my dress, the grooms suit and shirt in ONE day! And if you time it right they even offer a drop off service. I did speak to them ahead of time to make sure they could help and they didn't even hesitate! www.onecleaners.com Stay tuned for more reviews!
  • If you're not comfortable with the possibility of having to fold and pack the dress, I would definitely go ahead and make other arrangements. Is there anyone driving to the wedding from your town who could lay the dress across the backseat of their car?

    I know I personally would not be comfortable shipping my dress, so I can't recommend that. Honestly, if they wouldn't guarantee me room in the closet for it, I would look into purchasing a seat for the dress on the plane and hanging it (not sure if they allow this anymore, but my stepmom did it about 15 years ago) or packing it in a flat box and putting it in on the top of an overhead compartment.

    I would also call JetBlue again and talk to them to get a very straight, very clear answer on what the odds would be that they would be able to accommodate you if you showed up with the dress and asked to have it stored in the closet.

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