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Candy buffet

We have decided not to do favors, we are doing a candy bar.. in addition to our favorite sweets i'm DIY chocolate covered pretzels/sticks and candy apples all dipped and covered with sprinkles and nuts and caramel. However my FI thanks im putting way to much on my plate.While i think it'll be great activity for myself and my BM's to hang out. A little wine, dinner, music and crafting.I'm looking forward to it
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Re: Candy buffet

  • iamstephiamsteph member
    edited December 2011
    I assume you'll be making these a few days before the wedding? Try and have all your other wedding projects done before then, so that way, making candy is all you'll have to worry about. Also, don't try to do so much that you won't be able to do it all by yourself if your bridesmaids can't make it. 

    Good luck! It sounds delicious! :)
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    I actually did a similar project a few days before my wedding in May '09.  We did a sweets table with homemade cookies DH's grandma made, English toffee from a family friend, some other odds and ends, and I made chocolate covered mini pretzels with an M&M in the center.  I agree with pp, if you stay on top of all of your other wedding-related tasks, it's manageable.  I had one of my BMs help out and it was definitely fun.  My only advice is not to make it too complicated or involve too many steps.  Ask a couple of people to help out so if someone backs out, you have back-up!  And if it turns out that people are unable to assist, or your to-do list really looks unmanageable, don't be afraid to cut this and go for a premade alternative. 
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    I was thinking the same thing. my goal is to have it done the Wednesday night before the wedding. And i have an extremely large bridal party and it was their idea to make a night of it. a lil girl time
    www.letsmakeitofficial.weebly.com updated 1/24/11 OOOOooohhh, Mrs. WILSON
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