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I entered to win $4,800 package today! I hope I win but either way... they called and asked if I wanted to set something up and talk with them. I figured why not?

Does anyone have anything to say about them? good or bad.

thanks in advance!

Re: Bella Photography

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    Considering I signed up for everything when I first got engaged, I also signed up, and I regret it. They practically harassed me via e-mail and it took me getting pretty b!tchy with them to get them to stop.  A friend/co-worker had the same experience. 

    Now I see their ads everywhere and personally I just can't trust something THAT commercial, it seems like a scam or something.

    All that being said...if you really win a free photography package, you might as well check them out, it can't hurt.  I have no experience with actually using them, so maybe once you get past the sales pitch they're very professional and great photographers.
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    I also heard about them through some kind of contest I entered when I was newly engaged. I wonder if anyone ever wins those things? And I also got the very frequent emails (and no further notice about the outcome of the contest, hm), but I just never responded and they eventually stopped.

    I think they're one of those national companies with a big pool of photographers and you probably wouldn't get to meet your photographer until the wedding day. But you're right that it wouldn't hurt to talk to them. There are also lots of local photographers in all price ranges that this board won't hesitate to recommend.
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    I think they're one of those national companies with a big pool of photographers and you probably wouldn't get to meet your photographer until the wedding day.

    This is exactly right.  I think they turn off a lot of people by how often they call/email you and pressure you into signing with them.  However, I don't think I've ever heard a negative comment from someone who has used them about the quality of their pictures.  So you probably would end up with a good final product, but I think they are a little overpriced compared to some local photographers (that you would actually get to meet and have a relationshio with prior to the wedding.
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    Yeah, I was skeptical when their ad popped up along the side of my FB home page as an advertisement...  I dug a little into it and PPs are right.  They contract out their photo work, so I feel like it isn't nearly as personal and tailored of a service as you would get from another local photographer.

    If you're still looking, the girls on this board and/or the DC board have some really great recs for local affordable photographers.

    Either way, good luck! :-)

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    they havent been calling or emailing me to much, they called once to thank me for signing up and to set up a meeting. the lady who i spoke with sent me an email confirming our conversation and then the person who i am meeting with sent me an email to ask a few questions. i do agree, that i'll be paying for the NAME!
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    I have heard some negative experiences on the national photography board of people who have used Bella.  You don't get to meet your photographer and sometimes they use students.  I think it would be a much safer bet to go with an established local photographer if you don't win the package. Best of luck!
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    agreed - don't use them they screwed up my pictures.
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