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August 2013 Weddings

Next Big Things

Wow, December is going by crazy fast. With work, and school, and all the holiday festivites I'm not sure where the month went. The wedding planning has been pushed on the back burner because of all the craziness. Now that things have calmed down a little bit, and will calm down even more in the next couple weeks so I can think again. 

These are all the things I am going to work on next!

I have scheduled a dress appointment for my bridesmaids on January 6th. I am SUPER excited about that. 
I am in the process of finalizing my guest list! I want to send the save the dates out in January.
We're going to start our registry soon!
I made an appointment with a baker to talk about the wedding cake.
I have emailed a few florists to get estamated quotes. Then I'm going to schedule appointments with them!

Whew. That sounds like a lot! What is everybody else working on/starting soon?
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Re: Next Big Things

  • In January, I plan on narrowing down choices for caterers and setting up tastings.  I need to meet with my event designer to go over the decor plan for both the ceremony and reception. Also in January, we plan on contacting our officiant to set up the schedule for our premarital counseling sessions.  

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  • Things are moving so quickly!

    This past week (after finals!!) we met with our officiant and read over our 1st draft for the ceremony -- we LOVE it!

    I went to a boutique and got to wear my gown and try on a bunch of headpieces and jewelry and ended up purchasing everything I needed.

    We have bridesmaids appointments January 13 & 27, so hoping to find a dress for them on one of those days.

    My tasting should be in January, but we have not heard from the event coordinator at our venue yet.

    Not too much left to do for us, thank goodness because once school starts up again, January 22, I will be in school until Aug. 16!

    Good luck, ladies!
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  • I am looking forward to completing the next big things. I feel like our days will be here before we know it!! I'm so excited it's finally *almost* our wedding year!!
    Anyway, I am planning on ordering STDs very soon! which means I have been gathering addresses, etc.
    We will also be going to a tasting in Feb at the venue.
    We're going  to book the Honeymoon sooN! just have to decide which island all-inclusive is calling our names :)
    and then we'll probably register sometime in Jan/Feb?
    Lots of fun stuff to look forward to!
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    We are very excited to be in our wedding year soon! We just decided on and booked a more "local" honeymoon to Eastport, Maine, which we are both thrilled about. Our next steps in the new year will be booking our hotel block and choosing readings for our ceremony. I'm also starting to talk dresses with my BMs, and we will book appointments for Feb and March. The girls wanted to have a holiday get together, which was very sweet and unexpected, so I'm really looking forward to it on Thursday. Good luck with the next steps, and Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating tomorrow!
  • Wooo I cant wait to be in our wedding year already! Come on 2013!

    As far as wedding planning comming up we will...

    Be registering soon

    Sending out Save The Dates in April/May

    My Dress will be coming in in spring

    We will also have our first meeting with our DOC to go over the wedding plans and get everything finalized with the venue once spring comes.

  • Wooohoooo! Im loving this post! Its def helpful to see where everyone is and that i need to stop workaholicking and start wedding organizing / planning hehe

    I will be ordering my dress Jan 6th yay!!!
    I am having a girlie lunch with my bridesmaids on Jan 27th & we will decide on styles and chit chat and figure out all the details that are to come in the next few months

    Def. will be sending out Save The Date Magnets in Jan/Feb as well :)

    Other than that - just dropped off a huuuuuge $$$ deposit for our venue so its feeling much more real as i look at our almost empty bank account hahaha

    Good luck with the planning ladies & enjoy it!!!

  • My goals for January are to order the cake (our baker needs a big advance notice) and decide with my Bridesmaids which colors they are willing to wear.  Once I do that, I will pick my wedding colors!
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  • Gosh I have no idea what to do next!

    Since I had thought to be getting married in April, I ordered my BM dresses in October, and just got the call that they came in. I am going to go pick them up this weekend, and then when it gets a bit closer to the date take each girl to get them sized if they dont fit perfectly.

    I probably need to start working on a DJ soonish...

    Once my FI gets here from London I am going to force him to do engagement photos, even though he is against it, the loser.

    woo roll on August!
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  • My goals for January are:
    - pick my bridal party (i have been now struggling over this for 2 months!)
    -ask my bridal party
    -narrow down photographer options
    -work on cake options

    In december we didnt do much because of the holidays, but we did get our honeymoon all finalized so thats something i guess! ohh and our dj. 
  • -dj -- just booked!
    -florist -- just booked!
    -photographer --- just booked!
    -book honeymoon!!
    -order invitations
    -start looking for bridesmiad dress
    - block off rooms for guests
    - look for tux for groom
  • Purchase and receive my engagement ring and wedding band. So tired of the "where's your ring?" questions!
    Take engagement photos
    Order save the date magnets that have engagement photo on them
    Contract DJ
    Contract baker


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  • These posts are so helpful to gauging where I'm at in the planning process!  We've been engaged for a little over a year already, so we've had a lot of time for some things (great for me because I hate making decisions!).  We have most of our big things booked (venue, caterer, DJ, photographer, ). 

    These are the things we're working on in January:
    ~send out save the dates
    ~meet with different cake bakers
    ~ask my BM to be BMs (I've just been putting it off)
    ~start to figure out what my BM might like to wear
    ~meet with a travel agent & figure out where we'll honeymoon
    ~hotel block for guests
    ~start thinking about invitations

    So far in January, we already:
    ~booked officiant
    ~bought my dress!
    ~ordered save the dates
    ~got our wedding website up and running!

    Good luck to all you August brides out there!
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