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** daffodil_jill **

I hope you're still lurking around here to find this. :-)I was looking through your bio a couple of days ago and I am in LOVE with your venue!  FI and I are currently booked for September 2010 at Morningside Inn in Frederick, but I'm very seriously considering breaking the contract to go with ThorpeWood instead.I sent them an e-mail asking for more info since the website is kinda lacking details, but it's been a couple of days with no reply and I'm getting kinda antsy.  I was wondering if you could give me some feedback - What did you like / dislike about ThorpeWood?  How was the catering?  How were they as vendors to work with since they're a non-profit?  Really any information you'd like to offer. :-)If you'd rather e-mail, you can send it to rkzog at yahoo.Thanks so much!


Re: ** daffodil_jill **

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    You may want to post this on P&E - she's more active there
    Holy Crap. We survived the first year!
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    hi there!  i apologize for not responding sooner - i've been ridiculously busy at work today and just saw this. it's funny, i actually looked at/admired your bio recently.  your screenname caught my attention.i have only raves about thorpewood, and nothing negative to report.  it was an absolute pleasure working with thorpewood's and canapes' staff, and everything went off without a hitch.  i'll send you an email later on with some details, when i've settled in with a glass of wine and some typing fingers. :)
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    No worries.  Just whenever you get a chance...I actually found your bio in a music post on P&E and it was so refreshing to see your picks! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only  bride on here without Britney or Lady Gaga or whatever on my play list. :-)

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