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I had a WR nightmare last night. I woke up smiling to myself because it was just so ridiculous.
In the dream my dress was too short
My hair was done AWFUL
& A dish of melted butter got spilled on my mom lol

Have you been having WR dreams??

Re: Nightmare

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    I had a dream yesterday that my bridesmaids all quit. No fun! I also had a dream once that everyone left early because the band didn't show up. It's so silly. I don't feel nervous about the wedding, but I guess dreams are where the nerves come out!
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    Sure have. LOL!  In my dreams I've missed my own wedding date, forgot to book  vendors,  gave my guests the wrong location, and looked like a hot mess at the altar.  It certainly is a relief to wake up and know it was just a dream.  :)

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    I've only had one and I don't really remember it, I just know it was wedding-related. I'm glad I'm not having them regularly yet. Plenty of time for that in a few months.
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    I've only had one so far. Our DJ didn't show up because they double-booked so everyone left after cocktail hour.
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    Ironically I had one last night. I found out a couple weeks ago that My MOH is pregnant and will be a little more than 8 months along come 8.3.13 (this changed bridemaid dresses VERY quickly)... in my dream, she couldn't leave CT (the wedding is in OH) because she was put on bedrest.  I'm will be crossing my fingers for the next 5 months that my dream doesn't become a reality. 
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    Ugh I have these ALL the time. I had a nightmare my baker brought the wrong cake, the DJ didn't show, and all the groomsmen were late! I hate it because it seems so real! 
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    Needed to post here... I had a dream about 3 months ago that it was my wedding, but the only things that were in place were the things I had already planned. We had a band, photographer, and my dress, but no tuxes, flowers, or bridesmaid dresses. I was in my wedding dress, and my fiance was in Khaki shorts, and we were taking photos with the photograpehr. We had no limos, so we had to walk to the reception, but when we got there the band was playing... what  nightmare!
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