Weekend Plans - Thanksgiving Edition!

So, how many people are stuck at work today like me?

Wednesday: Working, but more than likely we'll get to leave around 3:30 or so.

Thanksgiving: Baking cookies in the morning, then off to see both sides of my family.  Both sets of H's parents are going out of town, so I feel bad for him, but I'm also happy that I don't have to give up my traditions just yet Wink

Friday: Do some online shopping and maybe go see Nine, then head over the Bay Bridge to see the house our friends just bought

Saturday: Getting a haircut and doing lunch with another set of friends somewhere in Hunt Valley

Sunday: Finish my TY's. I'm so behind on them


Re: Weekend Plans - Thanksgiving Edition!

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    ::Raises Hand:: I'm at work today too.  Hopefully we'll get out around 2:30-3ish.

    Afternoon/Tonight: clean house, bank, liquor store, old navy...THEN, my parents and sister and BIL are all coming over for dinner and to hang out while the girls make the mashed potatoes for tomorrow

    Thursday - get up early and head over to my parents for an all day eating's tradition to plant ourselves on the couch for the parade, so I make DH get up and head over there.  My mom makes a fabulous breakfast and we just hang out until everyone else comes over in the afternoon.

    Friday - shopping and then decorating for x-mas/hanukkah

    Saturday - gym, meeting with photographer to get the disk of our images and pick out what type of photo album we want, HUGE dinner with friends from out of town

    Sunday - recovering from various food comas and football

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    I'm at work too, but I'm hoping to sneak out about an hour early.

    Wednesday-Work, dentist (eek!)  then relaxing with DH.

    Thursday-Thanksgiving dinner with DH. It's going to be weird not be with our parents, but it just wasn't possible this year.

    Friday-Write out Christmas cards so they'll be ready to mail in early December.

    Saturday-Nothing planned, probably lounging around the house.

    Sunday-Grocery shopping and hanging out with DH.
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    Today - work but we got word we can leave early - probably like 2:30ish!  Maybe we'll see the Blind Side tonight.

    Thursday - FI's aunt's for family fun, then maybe decorating the tree at night

    Friday - Down to So. MD to hang out with my side of the family

    Saturday - Engagement Party #2!

    Sunday - Come back home, finish inside decorating, relax, football, etc
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    Today - I'm also stuck at work, meh.  Hopefully we'll get out early. 

    Thanksgiving - Going to FMIL's house - it will be me and FI's first Turkey Day together ever!  I always went to my parents' house in PA and he always goes to his mom's, but this year we changed things up.  I'm bringing over mashed potatoes, a butternut squash dish and blackbottoms...hope everything turns out yummy!

    Friday - Seeing some more of FI's family, not sure what else - definitely not Black Friday shopping though, too crazy for us!

    Saturday - hopefully relaxing/napping/reading all day.  Maybe hit up Blue Moon for breakfast.

    Sunday - farmer's market, gym, nap.
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    I'm also stuck at work :( There's never any chance of "getting out early" here. I wish I had planned to leave early. Half my office isn't here, so if it's dead this afternoon, I *might* leave early.

    Today: Work, then back to the grocery store for green beans since I couldn't find them yesterday, eating dinner, then starting on the cooking

    Thanksgiving: Cooking in the morning, then over to my parents' house mid-afternoon

    Friday: No plans

    Saturday: No plans, might start decorating for Christmas

    Sunday: Dinner at IL's for FIL's birthday

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    Wed: Flying home
    Thursday: Getting up and heading to my parents in Annapolis for thanksgiving. 
    Friday: Going to FI's cousin's house to celebrate thanksgiving with his family and then going home to relax.  His parents might be coming back and staying the night with us.
    Saturday:  Checking out a few restaurants for RD then going to Hereos Pub in Annapolis for a fundraiser.  We go every year.
    Sunday: Writing paper and relaxing.
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    I will be stuck out work - until 11 p.m.! I work a job that never closes 365/7 days a week, 24 hrs.

    I am off tomorrow thru sunday.  I am very excited because this is my first thanksgiving off in a couple of years!!!

    My four day weekend: tomorrow, going to my grandparents and fi's parents.  Other than that, nothing really planned.  I am just glad to be off on a normal holiday and a weekend!
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    I am not at "work" yet, but will be heading over to the Family Birthplace shortly for a shift 3P-7P.  Like the criminal justice system (ajerome), the healthcare system never sleeps. 

    Today: went to the gym this morning, then met MereFM to pick up some stuff I bought (yeah Knottie sales!), and now just ate lunch and going to paint my nails/straighten my hair before my shift.  We're supposed to be going out with friends toinght... everyone's supposedly coming over here beforehand, so I'll have to hope and pray FI didn't come through like a hurricane before friends gets here!

    Tomorrow: Watching FI play in our friends' annual Turkey Bowl V.  Then we're going to spend T-giving splitting the time between his side and mine... his grandmother is in the hospital w/ blood clots in her lungs, and my 92-year old great grandmother woke up this morning saying "today's the day she's going to die" so it should make for an interesting holiday. 

    Friday: we're hosting my cousins for brunch before they head back home to PA!  Excited to spend time with them... then I have a shift @ the Family Birthplace 3-11. 

    Saturday: no plans as of yet. 

    Sunday: Working at the Family Birthplace 7A-7P. 
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