I have the what?

My dress just came in the mail!!! (I bought it in Ohio last summer). I'm scared to open the box so it's sitting on my table, watching me. We ordered a size up so I'm positive it'll need alterations. My wedding isn't until May but I'm not planning on changing sizes before then!
So should I call a seamstress? Wait on opening the box until...? Not do anything until closer to the wedding? Any advice would be wonderful! Thanks!

Re: I have the what?

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    My vote is to open it, at least to make sure that it's the correct style and size and arrived in good shape.
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    Some of the better (and therefore more popular) seamstresses in the area may already be booked for alterations in March/April, so I would definitely find someone and call them ASAP to get on their schedule.  I would do your first fitting 6-8 weeks before your wedding.
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    Ditto pp on calling the seamstresses and booking your appointment now.  I know that the board favs book up fast and you will want to make sure you get in with someone reputable.  They can recommend when would be best for you to have your first fitting based on how they operate.  And also ditto other pp on opening the box to make sure you got the right dress!

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