Francesca's Bridal? Price of alterations?

I think I've seen some not-so-good reviews on here about Francesca's. That was, of course, after I already bought my dress from them. They were the only one in the area that had it! The girls I dealt with were nice so far...except Francesca. Go figure.

Anyway, my dress won't be in till December, but I'm wondering if I should do alterations through them, or go somewhere else. It makes me nervous to just go to someones house, but if they're reputable, I guess it shouldn't be a problem.

Here are the prices they gave me at Francesca's:
side seams starting at $55
bustle starting at $80

Is that high, or average?

If anyone has recommendations for a seamstress in Harford County or surrounding area, that would be great! TIA!


Re: Francesca's Bridal? Price of alterations?

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    I don't know about the pricing, but I heard that they don't do very good alterations.  My friend bought her dress there and had alterations done.  She said her biggest regret was letting them do the alterations.  She said they messed up her dress then gave her an attitude about it and charged a tone of money.  Just be careful.....
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    I also heard horrible things about them.

    That's why I went up the road to Isabella's -
    Isabella Bridal Inc (410) 668-9048 7944 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD

    The owner Tony does all the alterations, and is amazing.. she does 90% by eye.
    And super cheap..for my hem and to get the sides taken in on my MOH dress was only $50 bucks David's wanted to charge me $65 just to look at it..and it was there dress they sold me 2 sizes too big. (She tells you all the prices before hand)

    Her and her daughter's run it, this is where I will be getting my gown from.

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