I am thankful for...

- My H
- My family, and the fact that I am very close with them
- My friends who feel like family
- Nutella
- Being able to edit my posts on TheKnot
- How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Lost, and Degrassi
- Being able to work at my alma mater


Re: I am thankful for...

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    Good poll Tree!

    - Ditto on DH, family, friends, Glee + Degrassi
    - Being able to pursue my dream in medical school
    - My new mischievious little kitty, Oliver
    - DH & I both having off work tomorrow to spend with our families
    - Black Friday sales ;)
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    - My DH
    - Having the most amazing family and being able to spend time with them since I don't see them as much as I wish I could!
    - Having a job that I love, which is so much different than I would have said 4 months ago...
    - Having 5 days off from said job :)
    - HD TV and DVR... without it I couldn't feed my TV addiction!

    Happy Thanksgiving ladies!

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    Awww Baby Luke!
    Love your new siggy, Tree.
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