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tax on wedding dress in MD???

I am trying to figure out if I should shop for my wedding dress in NJ (where the wedding is and parents live) or in MD (where I live).  I was wondering if there was tax on wedding dresses in MD, because that could be the difference of a couple hundred dollars, if there was no tax in MD. I also heard of a luxury tax that might apply in MD.
Any help would be great! Thanks!

Re: tax on wedding dress in MD???

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    Hmm, I think I paid tax on my wedding gown...I think it's just like any other garment...6%.  I don't think there was some other kind of tax on it though.
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    I paid taxes when purchasing my wedding gown. As stated above just the regular 6% though, nothing additional. Smile
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    I just paid the 6% sales tax - but depending on the cost of your dress, that can add up.  Delaware has no sales tax though, so if you find a dress you love, you could always order it through a store there.
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    I'm in CA, so can't help on the specifics, but I bought my dress in CA and since it's ultimately getting shipped to MD, I didn't have to pay sales tax. I'm not entirely sure why, but I guess it's something similar to the interstate tax laws for internet purchases. I will have to pay shipping though, but it will be much cheaper than the 10% tax in CA. You could ask if your salon does this and then ship the dress to NJ.
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    Definitely try DE! I got my dress in MD because I got a discount, but my whole wedding is in DE which helps out a lot! Also, ask for a possible discount. I got a trunk show discount just for asking, which made it cheaper for me to get my dress in MD with tax, than DE without. Just a suggestion!
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