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We are planning a very small and simple wedding with 30-45 people in September 2012. I really like the idea of just having it at a restaurant since it will save on a venue fee and they need less decoration. I would also rather use my budget towards good food rather than paying $2000 just for a space However, very few restaurants have an appropriate space for a ceremony. 

We looked into using another venue just for the ceremony but the costs were quite high for the short amount of time. Neither of us are religious so a church is not really an option. 

The ceremony space doesn't need to be anything fancy and could just be standing room for most guests. 

I have found one place that meets my needs, Blue Hill Tavern in Brewers Hill, but I want to have at least one back up plan. Meli in Fells Point also seems to have an appropriate space but they haven't responded to my emails and the food may be a bit too fancy for the future in-laws. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated!
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Re: Restaurant for reception and ceremony

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    A friend had her wedding at Chart House in Annapolis. It has really pretty water views and the food wasn't bad, either.

    We found the Historic Inns of Annapolis to be very affordable when we were looking. We would have had the ceremony in the ballroom of the Maryland House and the reception in their restaurant, Treaty of Pris. Te venue fee, in total, was under $500if I remember correctly, and the price per person was $75. It was perfect for what we wanted... and then we realized that our date was during boat show weekend. So yeah, we found a different venue that was far away from boat show weekend craziness. LOL
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    You could check Tabrizi's. I've seen wedding ceremonies on their waterfront patio.
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    Bayou Restaurant in Havre De Grace has a private banquet room for parties of 30 or more traditional menu, also Bellmissimo's in Belair....not to far from Baltimore maybe 30-45 minute ride.  Riverwatch Restaurant in Middle River takes weddings  for 10-150 guests. All 3 have information on there websites...Hope tis helps
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    My name is Matthew Balan and I handle all of the wedding sales for The Elkridge Furnace Inn.

    We are exactly what you are looking for. We are an award winning restaurant and catering company as well as a wedding ceremony/reception venue with a gorgeous outdoor ceremony point. (We're located about 8-10 minutes away from BWI and Baltimore's Inner Harbor.)

    Please look us up - we're on,, or you can go right to our website at You can also contact me directly at [email protected] or 410.379.9336.

    I would not be able to offer you a Saturday evening function as we do have a 100 guest minimum for Saturday evening weddings, however I am more than happy to offer you a Friday or Sunday evening at some severely discounted rates because of your smaller guest count.

    I can even offer you the use of our Bridal Suite & Groom's Room at no additional charge - so you won't have to pay an exorbitant rental rate.

    Please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. I'd be happy to schedule a time for you and your fiance to come in and take a tour of the facility...we can also sit down and discuss different options and pricing.

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