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Hi everyone!! Me and my fiance are looking for non traditional wedding venues in Baltimore area. We are actually open to anywhere in Maryland however as long as it is not too far of a drive for our guests. We want something fun and modern to match with our personality. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!


Re: Non traditional wedding venues

  • I have justed posted this message in reply to another bride and thought it might also help you.  Have you tried Herrington on the Bay?  Nothing can be more untraditional than palm trees in Maryland,

    I just had my wedding at Herrington on the Bay (September 1st -- Yippee) and it was absolutely beautiful and fabulous.  AND they were super great about working with us to stay within our budget. 

    Michael was our Event Designer and we love him -- he was great to work with and took care of me every step of the way -- even when I was going into bride meltdown mode in the last weeks before the wedding.  If you visit there -- definitely, work with Michael and you'll be in great hands -- he even answered a couple of emails after midnight from home.

    Brittany was our Event Coordinator and she was absolutely fantastic as well.  She saw to every detail of my reception and made sure that everything went flawlessly for my reception.

    Together they worked to make our day as stree free and fun as possible.  Highly recommend Herrington on the Bay.
  • My H and I got married at Raven's Stadium.  It definitely was not a "traditional" wedding location.

  • When you say "fun and modern", what do you mean? Are you looking for something like a museum (e.g. American Visionary Art Museum, Maryland Art Place, the Baltimore Museum of Industry) and empty loft space, an glam old theater like the Charles or the Hippodrome, a contemporary style hotel like the Element in Arundle Mills or Aloft in National Harbor, etc.? What is your guest list size? Budget? Are you looking for an all-inclusive or do you want to source everything yourself? Do you need the ceremony and reception all in one place? Do you want someplace that has rooms for guests to stay in, or are you okay with them driving to a hotel when the nigt is through?   Any additional information can help us give you more helpful recommendations.'
  • have you considered one of the museums?
  • Aquarium! :D Or the ZOOOOOO
  • How about a wedding on a schooner, yacht, or other water vessel?  It would be very appropriate for the region, and you could have a wonderful menu of seafood to tie into the nautical theme.  At the same time, definitely not traditional and definitely fun!

    I would just google 'wedding at sea' 'wedding on boat' 'wedding on ship' and Baltimore.

    Good luck!


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