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Dj and Photography Prices!!

I'm trying to budget out my wedding and I have no idea how much is an average price for these things!  Can I have some pricing and suggestions for each if you don't mind?! It would be GREATLY appreciated! I am having a 5 hour reception with a ceremony about 20 minutes away so photography hours will need to be pretty long and DJ will only be needed for the 5 hours.  Thanks!!!!!!

Re: Dj and Photography Prices!!

  • ...FYI typically one sets a budget and then looks for things in their price range.  BUT that being said, it is good to get a feel for what you are looking at.  Because I don't even listen to the rule lol I almost tripled my budget for photography, BUT I can afford it now due to an unexpected increase in salary, but it was a risky thing for me to do, HAHA do as I say not as I do :-p

    My DJ is a family friend, so he is only charging me $350.  I think most are in the $600 and up range.  To get cheaper you probably have to search hard or know someone.  But they can get pricey too, some of the nice wedding bands are in the several thousands...

    Photography- this is entirely dependent on quality, again unless you know somebody.  I will share my experience...  I originally budgeted for $1000.  I searched around found some I thought were nice, but just didn't have the wow I was looking for.  So basically I have expensive taste in photography.  This is the one thing I really splurged on and ended up paying $2400 plus maybe $200 for their hotel room and fuel.  But that being said, if your budget is in the $1500 and under range, believe me I did find some great options in that range.  Some people have shot 1 wedding and ask for $1500 for a wedding, and others have done dozens and are much better and still in that range, so research is key.
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    I wouldn't recommend my DJ he wasn't that great.

    My photographer worked under Roman Grinev Photography.  He hires freelance photographers to cover weddings.  My photographer doesn't work under him anymore but all of his photographers that he has are great and you get to pick which one you like the most.  The price for 7 hours, unlimited pictures, and a disc(s) of all high res and cleaned up pictures was $1600.  I forget how much it was to add additional hours but it wasn't much.  Of course any albums and such were extra but if you ordered the albums the day you signed the contract he offered a discount.

  • My photographer Kathy Hertel is more than I orginally wanted to pay, but I liked her and that was my main concern. My DJ, DJ Orlando is only 750$ and I have heard nothing but good things about him, from many vendors.
  • My DJ is $1800 for 6 hours. My photog starts at $2000, depending on the package you choose. I'm not married yet, so I can't yet comment on if I recommend either, but they both impressed me in our initial meetings. GL!
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  • Photography - Tpoz Photography (www.tpozphoto.com)

    DJ -  I recommend World Renown Entertainment (www.worldrenown.net),  Jamaal was awesome at my friend's wedding, where I first saw him and he was awesome at my wedding.  Very fun and not cheesy at all. Had some obsure songs for my parents. Also part of www.adja.org & insured.

    Good Luck
  • My DJ is ok.  Woudl definitely recommend my photographer (www.carmenwangphotography.com). Shots are amazing and we are very very happy.  Paid $3500 and it is worth every penny. 
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