I think music is the biggest piece of our reception I'm stressing over. I'd really like a band but the ones I'm coming across either don't play enough variety (we'd like rock, classic, classic rock, country, etc.) or remind me of a stereotypical wedding band that's cheesy. While ideally I'd like a band, I'm open to a DJ but I'm nervous that may take away from the very classic wedding we're planning--I could be wrong. 
Who are bands or DJ's that you've used that you'd highly recommend for being classic but still fun? 

Re: Music?

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    My sister had a band - Highway Star - and they were amazing.  However, I don't believe that they would offer the wide variety that you're looking for.  In my experience, band have their niche where they excel and everything else is secondary.

    We were dead set on a DJ because we wanted the wide variety that they can offer and we wanted the songs to actually sound the songs (not that bands can't techincally offer that).  I don't think our DJ took away from our classic wedding or anything.  He kept the dance floor packed ALL night and wasn't too bad on the eyes either. I would HIGHLY recommend him.  The company is Absolute Entertainment.  We used Jason Wallace, but there are a bunch of different DJs there, at all different price points.  Jason was fabulous though. 
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