I LOVE my photographer!

I'm going to be 1000% honest.  I didn't feel the need to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for a wedding photographer.  I KNOW that it's a once in a lifetime day, but I also know that after the initial excitement wears off, I'm not going to use those photos again (until, of course, I have children and they want to see them).... So I made the executive decision early on to forgo the uber-expensive (but lovely) photographers, and I started looking for someone different...

And I found him... he's AMAZING and better yet, CHEAP!  :-)  But cheap in a "you only paid HOW MUCH??" way, not cheap in a "I think your photographer stole my purse" way :-) 

So, if you need a reasonably priced photographer.... check him out!  I'll try to put the link to his website in here, but in the event that it doesn't work, google Farid Widjaya... he's based in Lancaster, but will travel to Baltimore areas.   here are two of my favorite pictures...

He's AMAZING, super-nice, has the cutest baby I've ever seen, and does a WONDERFUL job!


Re: I LOVE my photographer!

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