Help with Baltimore area photographer!! Freaking out Bride

Hi girlsss! Please HELP! Was planning on going with The Pros but I have heard so many mixed reviews, I dont think Im gonna do it. Our wedding on April 1st in Baltimore MD, and is a 20 guest intimate wedding that will be held everything in the same spot. Can someone PLEASE recommend an affordable, good photographer?? I just find that there are so many of them that are so expensive. And for me it is so unfair that a wedding package for 20 guest, 1 location cost the same as a wedding package for 200 guest and more than 1 locations. Thanks!

Re: Help with Baltimore area photographer!! Freaking out Bride

  • I was going to use Erin Morris Photography. You can google it to find her website, and her facebook page.
    She has multiple packages, shes not that expensive, and she could probably work within your budget.
    I dont know her full availability, but she might be available.
    Her email is:

    Good Luck!
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  • A lot of people say Chad Lippiatt (sp?) is fairly affordable. I'm not really sure what your thought of "expensive" is? It's something that's different to everyone. Otherwise, I could definitely recommend a friend that took AMAZING engagement photos for us. Only thing is she's still kind of figuring out the logistics of her equipment, so she takes a little longer, but her photos are fantastic. It's like she has the creative aspect, just the technical aspect is lacking a little. Let me know if you want her contact info!
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