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Photographer, Videographer, and DJ

can anyone recommend a good photographer, videographer, and/or dj? i have no clue even where to begin and would appreciate any suggestions or questions to ask when interviewing potentials. also any horror stories would be appreciated also so i know who not to go with. thanks

Re: Photographer, Videographer, and DJ

  • ctigna26ctigna26 member
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    I used the website wedding wire.com which was helpful because it gave reviews from actual customers. I am using Steve Moody Entertainment. They had great reviews and emailed me right away to set it up and have an online planning form. They also emailed me on the 6months to the day (which was Christmas) to check int which was nice. I am also using Renee Michele Photography who also did our engagement photos which were great! We are not doing a videographer. I hope this helps!
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    I am using Chad Lippiaty for photo, In Motion Video for video, and Orlando Entertainment for DJ!
    I did a decent amount of research before picking my vendors, I remember how stressfull it was!

    Iforgot, here are my engagement pics - http://sde.chadlippiattphotography.com/
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    We loved all of our vendors....

    DJ: Jason Wallace at Absolute Entertainment
    Photog: Renee Michele Photography (she's amazing...as is her husband, Gary)
    Videographer: LarMar Entertainment (Larry Bridge)

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    We used Stephanie Miller for photography and she was great.  DJ wasn't a priority for us so we used DJ-MD who worked for what we were looking for, and skipped videography.
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    Thanks Ladies for your input! And I never knew about weddingwire....so glad I know about it now!!! It is a excellent resource!!!
  • jbythrowjbythrow member
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    I'm using carol masica for photography.  she is wonderful!!! I have worked with her before for my business website and she is very professional.
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    The best resources are friends/families and weddings that you have been too.  That is how we found our DJ...we really had a great time at one of our friends wedding so we asked who the DJ was.  I also used weddingwire for reviews and such.

    Our vendors so far...
    DJ: DJ Delights
    Photog:  Roman Grinev Photography

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    We are using the Pros for all three of the vendors. They are a great company and I have been pleased with them so far. Our photographer has taken our Epics already and the DJ and Video guy are really nice. Of course we are biased since FI also works for the Pros.
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    We used Carmen Wang Photography as photographer.  Awesome photos, could not be happier!

    No videographer, not in our budget.

    DJ: Adam from Jamology, Inc.
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    I was referred to Priceless Images Photography by my best friend who used him at her wedding. I was the maid of honor and the pictures of the ceremony, reception, and everything in between were absolutely amazing!! I knew even before I was engaged that he would be my wedding photographer. He was very professional and adapted his style to fit everything that my best friend had wanted. He had a great energy and his focus was set on making the couple as happy as possible. I have met with him a few times to discuss my vision and I am certain that my wedding pictures will be perfect. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is unsure of their wedding photographer. Check out his website at www.piphotography.com and see for yourself!! Good luck to everyone and I hope your wedding is as perfect as possible!!

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    I agree. I just hired Priceless Images and am so excited! I have heard amazing things from friends and his pictures are just what I am looking for
  • LoveMuffinsLoveMuffins member
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.weddings.com/Sites/Weddings/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_maryland-baltimore_photographer-videographer-dj?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:85Discussion:75b47a02-e429-4dc1-bdee-7c49939b9f98Post:3bba79d5-daf2-454c-87dd-efb091be3202">Re: Photographer, Videographer, and DJ</a>:
    [QUOTE]We used Carmen Wang Photography as photographer.  Awesome photos, could not be happier! No videographer, not in our budget. DJ: Adam from Jamology, Inc.
    Posted by catherine200102[/QUOTE]

    did you like Adam from Jamology? I met him at a bridal boutique and really enjoyed talking to him, but I can't find any reviews online for him.

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  • lindra_kinglindra_king member
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    I am a nester now and was on a very tight budget for my wedding as well.  A lot of people decide to skip video, however, if there is anyway to incorportate it I would suggest doing it.  The day flies by so far and you miss it all.  Take a look at


    weddings are not the company's main focus, but the package prices are amazing!

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    If you are still looking for a photographer contact Brodie Ledford Photography...They are fun, creative, and affordable!  Very accommodating and willing to work within a budget. You will love them!

    Here is their website: http://www.BrodieLedford.com

    Good luck!

    I'm adding a few pics...


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