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Has anyone worn Grace shoes on their wedding day?  I tried on their "Evita" shoe with my gown, and I liked it... but the heels are SO high!  I don't think I can walk around in 3.5-inchers all afternoon/night!  (Maybe it's because I have bursitis in the joint of my big toe and have to get it treated because my range of motion is so bad in that foot... and wearing any heels at all are painful these days!)  I also really love their "Lindsey" shoe, and I think it goes with my dress a little better actually... I guess what I'm asking is are these shoes comfortable?

I was in Fracesca's Bridal the other day getting fitted for a BM dress for my best friend's wedding, and I saw the Lindsey shoes, and they did look like the heel was mabye 2.5 inches instead of 3.5... which I might be able to do.  I am just having a really hard time telling from the website how high the heels are!  And want to be comfortable on my wedding day. 
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