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Need Your Opinion!!! MAJOR HELP!!!

Well, I had an eventfuly day yesterday at the ER. Come to find out I have a gall bladder infection and the wall of the gall bladder is thickened. I met with the general surgeon today and he said I need to have it out because it could cause more problems. My question to you all is do you think I should do it before or after the wedding?? Part of me wants to do it before- just get it over with and get on, but part of me wants after. I'm worried of it flaring up closer to te wedding/ on the HM, but a GF of mine had hers out and says she can't eat foods she used to enjoy after she had hers out and she is constantly in the bathroom. Ugh....please share all your thoughts an opinions....what would you do!?!?!

Re: Need Your Opinion!!! MAJOR HELP!!!

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    I think I would discuss all of my options with my doctor.  Since your wedding is still 5 months away, I would go ahead and have the surgery now.  This way you will be able to recover with ample time and not have the stress of your wedding around the corner.  I think if you were to wait, the added stress would increase the chances of it flaring up again. 
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    Talk to your doctor about your options.  I think a few extra bathroom trips and modifying the menu slightly would be better than the possibility of ending up in the ER again on the wedding day.
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    My mom had her gallbladder out recently, and aside from needing to slightly alter what she eats, she really hasn't had many other problems as a result.  I agree that you should talk to you doctor about what your options are, but since your wedding is several months away, it'd be much better to take care of it now.
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    Ditto PP, talk to the doc. My aunt had her gallbladder out and has some issues now when eating fattening foods and large portions, but I'm not sure of any other lasting issues. See what they recommend as far as recovery time, risks of waiting, and life after the surgery.
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    Definitely discuss it with you doctor, but if you're not getting married for 5 months I'd get it out now.  My mom had hers out and she had to alter her diet slightly, but it was way better than having gall stones.  I actually can't imagine her going through that for an additional 5 months just to wait until after a wedding, but then maybe yours isn't so bad if it's an option to postpone the surgery?

    The surgery is actually not a big deal (besides anaesthesia) - the healing process is really fast and you should be totally fine 5 months later.

    (edit: I'm talking about the laproscopic surgery, the posted reminded me below)
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  • gabbridegabbride
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    I had my gallbladder out about 6 yrs ago because of gall stones and I can eat basically what I want now(except spicy food...but that could be due to age!!).  Closer to the surgery, I did have a problem with fatty foods (and that first Thanksgiving was a doozy!!), but it wasn't so bad.  The surgery was definitely worth it.  I took about 3 weeks off from work, but they had to open me up.  If you have it done laproscopically, you'll be feeling better MUCH faster.  I say do it.  I had 3 flare ups and plenty of just stomach pains and vomiting before surgery and no problems after surgery.  Like pp said, having something happen near your wedding is going to much more upsetting. Oh, I also lost alot of weight after surgery, so that could help sway you...:)
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    I would go over all of my options with the dr and talk about the side effects.  I think I would want to do it now so that way I'm not stressing over it during the last few months of planning/the wedding/theHM.  To me, it would make it worse to be worrying about my health the whole time. 
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    Talk with your doctor and explain your timeline with the wedding.  If I were in your situation, I would get the surgery now.  Please keep up posted!
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    Get the surgery now :) 

    Sorry you had to spend your weekend in the ED, but at least you can get it all taken care of now when you still have 5 months until the big day.  Just be sure to avoid fatty foods, since it's the gallbladder's job to help digest fats, and you will have fewer trips to the bathroom and fewer flare ups. 

    Hope you feel better!
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    Definitely get the surgery now, more than likely you will have it done laproscopically and the recovery time from that is usually only a couple of days - honestly if they think that the inflammation (why your gallbladder wall is thickened) is down enough to do the surgery soon get it done.  Gallbladder infections can be caused by gallstones and can be very serious and life-threatening so getting your gallbladder out will prevent those complications

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    Get the surgery now. I had my gall bladder out 2.5 years ago and DH had his out this past winter. The surgery is laproscopic to the recovery is quick (1 week off work, 2-ish weeks to be totally recovered). Everyone's side effects are different so there is no way to predict. I can still eat anything I want with the exception of ridiculously greasy food. My husband now has bile reflux which is easily managed with meds. In both cases we're way better off than we were before.

    I wouldn't wait that long to get the surgery. I put mine off for 3 weeks and by the end I was barely able to eat anything (1000 calories a day max) without severe pain. Better to just get it over with!!

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