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How long did it take you to get your wedding album? I just talked to my photographer and she said she wasn't even going to be able to start thinking about our until February (we were married 10/3/09) because of the other weddings she shot this year. Does that seem like a long time to you? I understand the process takes awhile but that just seems like a long time to me.


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    For me...yes it does seem like a long time.  We got married 10/24/09.   Our photog asked for us to fax out choices for the album in like 2 weeks.  She said they would be done by early January (because of the holiday maybe a little longer) I could be completely wrong though in thinking that is too much time.
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    Not really.  I got married in May and got my album at the beginning of November.  I know every photographer is different but I think you'd be surprised at the length of time it takes to produce an album.
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    Thanks Ladies! I just wanted to get a feel for what others were going through!
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