Advice for us soon to be brides??

So to the ladies that have already gotten married what is some advice you wish you would have gotten before you got married? and what is advice you would give to us future brides??
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Re: Advice for us soon to be brides??

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    I don't remember any of the wedding, and I only had 2 drinks all night.  lol  I wish we would have (could have more like it) gotten a videographer.  Pictures help, but video would have been nice. 

    Also, if you have a flower idea in your head, take a picture of what you would like.  I wanted nothing but gerber daisies and I got some gerber daisies and a whole lot of greenery.  The guys boutinerres (sp?) looked wonderful though and that's because I showed her a picture. 

    Lastly, this is just something I wish I would have done, had a "daytime" wedding.  Night was alright, but most people left an hour before the end of the wedding because it was late. 

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    -Give yourself plenty of time to do DIY projects.

    -Keep a folder with all the vendor contracts and other wedding related stuff. 

    -Eat something during the wedding day - I waited to eat anything significant until dinner was served, and my first drink of the evening went straight to my head.

    -If you haven't yet, more than likely you'll snap at your fiance about something wedding related. Know that this is coming, and try to prevent it. It's a stressful time for both of you, but remember it will be worth it in the end.

    -If you discuss something with a vendor over the phone, try and get it in writing (I would send an email to the vendor "just to go over what we discussed"). I actually told my vendors my preferred method of contact was email.

    -You might feel overwhelmed with everything you need to do. Write it all down on a list, so that you can see everything (and you won't forget anything), and take the list one thing at a time. Eventually you'll see how much progress you are making!

    -Don't be afraid to ask questions of the vendors or to ask your fiance/bridal party/etc for help in DIY projects. 

    -Enjoy this time. 
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    Oh, and also

    -start collecting addresses as soon as possible, you don't want to wait until right before you start sending out invites to find out that your Mom doesn't know your cousins address, she'll have to try and get ahold of your Aunt to find out.

    -make a database of gift's received, and thank-you notes sent. 
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    For flowers, also leave that picture that you bring!  We didn't, and instead of small bouquets of just lilies and delphinium/lilies and roses in full bloom for a petite wedding party, we ended up with really tall bouquets with greenery and some lilies closed.

    Take time to eat.  It's more difficult to find the time than it sounds like it should be.

    If you want to spend the day with your new husband, don't get separated from him at the reception.  You will be stopped every time you take a step, and if you get separated you will never see each other.  I'm really glad that I got to spend the reception with my DH.

    Make sure you manage to visit all of your guests.

    It's not just your day.  Remember that the reception is for your guests, and keep guests' comfort in mind when planning the ceremony and reception.  So while the decor, colors, etc. may reflect the couples' taste, have sufficient seating, food, and drink, don't make guests watch 10 trillion dances immediately followed by 8 speeches, and don't ask them to open their wallets.

    Don't forget that it's the marriage that's important - not the wedding.
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    Try to stop during the day of your wedding as often as possible to take everything in.  Don't let yourself get caught up in little details on the day of that no one will notice but you.  Once the day has arrived, let things go as they will go and just let it be.  When everything is said and done, it will be beautiful and wonderful and the most important thing will be true - you will be married to your DH and all of your guests will have fun. 
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    Smile and look at your FI when you walk down the aisle!  Someone told me this and I'm glad they did - everyone and their brother is looking at you, snapping pictures of you.  Even if you're a nervous wreck, smile!

    And take your time walking down the aisle.  Take everything in around you while you're walking.

    Don't be afraid to direct your photographer if you feel like they're not taking the photos you want.  I was afraid to be a controlling freak, so I didn't say anything and I'm not overly impressed with my photos.

    Definitely eat and drink before the ceremony.

    Go into the day of expecting that something will go wrong and being prepared to relax and let it go.  That way if things do go wrong, you're prepared to deal with them.  If nothing goes wrong, you're lucky! :-)

    Delegate to your BMs, GMs, mom, DOC, etc. on the day of.  Give the florist someone else's phone number other than your own.  The last thing you need is 5 vendors calling you while you're trying to get ready.  Let someone else (responsible) deal with everything.

    Make a contact sheet of all vendors and contact numbers and keep it with you.  Hopefully you won't need it, but you'll be a lot less stressed if you do need it and already have something prepared.

    Take a few minutes - even if it's only 1 or 2 to spend a few moments alone with your H.  The rest of the night is going to be a blur and everyone is going to want to talk to you.  You'll be happy you had those few moments to yourself.

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    Thanks for all the advice ladies!  They were all great suggestions and nice to read :)
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