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Hair/Make-Up Question

How early do you think your hair/make-up would need to be done before the actual ceremony start time? Can anyone speak from experience? My photographer will probably get there around 3 & ceremony begins at 4....

Trying to figure out if a hair/make-up person would still be able to get to my event early enough to style myself & bridesmaids...


Re: Hair/Make-Up Question

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    It varies...how close is the place your getting ready to the ceremony location? How many bridesmaids do you have? How elaborate are the hair styles you're getting done?

    I was in a wedding with a HUGE bridal party and the ceremony location was 20 minutes away (1pm ceremony). We had to be at her house by 7 to start getting ready- but that was because there were so many of us!

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    If your stylist has experience doing weddings, she would know.  When you call to set up the appointment, tell them how many people, what kind of styles, etc, and they'll give you a good idea.  They'll probably ask, actually - mine did.

    This will also depend on whether you're taking pictures prior to the ceremony, so you might want to consider those details (and maybe discuss it with your photographer) to give your stylist a better idea.

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    FSIL had a 2pm ceremon and her MUA had to leave by 12:30; I have a 3pm ceremony and my MUA is leaving by 1:30, and will do touch-ups before she leaves.  Hair for my wedding is staring super-early, and running pretty much up to when we leave for the ceremony.

    Tell your hair stylist and MUA how many girls need what, and they can advise you.
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    How many bridesmaids do you have?  I had a 4:30pm ceremony, had my photographer show up at 2:30, and hair/make up started at 11 for myself, 3 BMs and my mom.  That way I had a little overlap with my hair/make up and the photographer showing up so we could do some getting ready shots.

    My hair/make up girls gave me an estimate of 30min per BM and 1 hour for me.  We stuck pretty close to that, but actually ended up being done about 15-20min ahead of schedule.  If you ask your hair/mu artist, they should be able to give you a good estimate.

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    My hair and makeup for two bridesmaids/flowergirl/me arrived at 1pm. We were done by 3pm, and 'First Look' photos were at 4pm for a 5pm ceremony. 

    Definitely ask you hair/makeup people how long they think it will take, and ask your photographer when she'd like you to be ready by. 
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    I am a hairdresser in Bel Air, MD.

    IF you have a good hairdresser, she will make exceptions. But yes there should be plenty of time. I have had to leave for weddings at 4AM before, so its just about finding the right person!
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    Thanks ladies! I think I have a better idea on all of that fun stuff now.

    However, the person I was hoping to use only has time for a couple of people...any recommendations?

    I am looking for a reasonably priced hair stylist & make-up artist!!!


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