Did anyone see Avatar?

I saw it on Saturday night with FI and my 2 cousins (also my JBMs).  I loved it!!!  I usually don't go for sci-fi movies, but this was visually awesome and I liked the story.  I wish I got to see it in 3-D. 
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Re: Did anyone see Avatar?

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    My DH saw it on opening night with my brother in 3D at the Imax in Columbia - he won't stop talking about it!  He told me to tell you that if you can see it in 3D you totally should.  It's worth the extra $$$.  I haven't gotten to see it myself yet but I'm hoping I get to!

    P.S. The board is so dead.  How's wedding planning?
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    I think I am going to see it in 3-D in a few weeks when it's not so hard to get tickets.

    Planning is going okay!  Didn't do much this month, but I'm back in gear starting yesterday!  I'm very excited because my invites should be here next week!
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    I'm late on this.... but YES I saw it last night on NYE with my family and the little boy I nanny for.  FI was out with his friends and missed seeing it! 

    IT WAS AWESOME!  I totally didn't expect to like it, though FI has been begging me to go see it with him.  I saw it in 3D,  but not Imax.  I think I'm going to go back to see it with FI at the Imax in White Marsh.  I'm ususally not into SciFi, but it was totally worth seeing again! 

    What can we do to liven this board up?  I know it's the holidays that are part of it (deadness)... but it's not the same as it used to be!  :( 
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    There needs to be a lot more non-wedding related chatter.  I remember logging on here during class and talking about nonsense all day.  Now there is just for sale posts and the occasional vendor rec.
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