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We were "missing" wedding cards/gifts from about 10 people after we got back from our HM. Two people have since given us gifts. And a couple others we can understand why they didn't (cousins in their early 20s and maybe they thought their parents - our aunts/uncles - signed their name on the card or something). But there are 6 people we can't figure out. Now, times are tough right now I understand. And people can't afford gifts, but nonetheless, a card would be really nice. We got a couple of cards where people just signed their name - no gift. That is 100% GREAT. I LOVE those people b/c now for the other 6 people I just can't figure them out. Did they leave a card/gift that got lost? Do I send them a thank you card with the rest of the thank yous that just thanks them for coming to the wedding? Or do I wait awhile b/c maybe they are taking advantage of the year rule (though I know them and they don't strike me as that type)? Some of these people are very close (grandparents!) and I don't want to offend anyone. WDYT?

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    There were a handful of people that we didn't get gifts from either.  We didn't send thank yous - we didn't keep track that closely to know exactly who didn't give us a gift and the sheer thought of conducting process of elimination gives me a headache.  But I agree - a simple card would have been nice.
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    I haven't decided exactly what I'm doing about these people yet - I might send them a TY for coming, in case they did give us a gift/card and for whatever reason we didn't get it, maybe they'll mention that to us.
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    More than likely, the card/gift didn't get lost - they probably just didn't give you anything.  I agree - a simple card would have been nice.  I will probably send thank you cards to everyone - even if they don't give us anything.  I don't know if I would approach anyone about it, it may offend them. 
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    [QUOTE]More than likely, the card/gift didn't get lost - they probably just didn't give you anything.
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    I agree with this. We didn't get gifts or cards from a handful of people. I kept a spreadsheet of the guest list and recorded any gifts on there so I could keep track of TY cards, so I know who didn't give us gifts. I agree that a card would have been nice, but oh well. I only sent TYs to people who gave us gifts.

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