Engagement Photos - Check!

A few weeks ago I posted on here for some location recommendations for my engagement pics, and yesterday was the big day so I wanted to let you know how they went!

We met yesterday morning at 6:00 am with the intention of doing sunrise photos on the water - well as I'm sure you guys know, yesterday was pretty overcast with on and off rain!  Despite my initial concerns, (mostly about my hair) we decided to take the photos anyway.  

We started at the waterfront park in Canton, then moved over to Fells Point for some great shots out on the pier.  Started raining while I was standing out on one of those little wooden tie up spots off of the pier so I had to quickly climb back to land and run for cover!  Luckily the rain was short lived and we could continue taking photos.  Then we headed over to Tide Point in Locust Point.  While we were there, the rain started again, but we incorporated the umbrella into some of the pictures of us sitting on the Adirondack chairs. 

We had SO much fun! The rain was not a hindrance, and the city was virtually empty since it was so early in the morning, which made for no traffic as we traveled to our locations, and gave us beautiful empty waterfronts and streets to shoot on. 

I am so excited to get my photos back!  Here is the mini sized teaser my photographer sent me to tide me over: 

I'll post the rest when I get them!!
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Re: Engagement Photos - Check!

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    Aw! I'm glad it worked out despite the rain. What a cute teaser pic!

    We're getting ours done this weekend. Now I'm definitely excited! hehe 

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    Glad everything went well. FI and I are supposed to get ours done this coming Saturday. Not a clue as to where we are gonna get them done. Gotta do some thinking on where we wanna go! Not really into going to the city so if anyone has any county ideas let me know! Thanks!
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    wow looks like you made it work!! the teaser look awesome! I can't wait to see more. We are taking our in October. I can't wait :-)
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    That's awesome! Definitely post the pics when you get them back!
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