Creative ways to save money???

Hey all,
I've been searching the boards and I'm trying to find ways to save money on my wedding and reception. So far I've come up with the following ideas but I was wondering if there was anything that I'm missing:

1. Ask for discounted venue rates on Friday/Sunday
2. Ask for military discount
3. Supply my own decorations - make my own centerpieces
4. See if the open bar at the reception can be 2 hrs instead of 4 hours
5. limit headcount by stating that children/individuals under 21 are not permitted at the reception with open bar
6. Provide my own food instead of having a cateror
7. Outsource my wedding dress from Asia (yup, I did that)
8. Research venues that let us bring in our own alcohol
9. Buy used (discounted) wedding items on The Knot forums

Are there any other ideas out there?

Re: Creative ways to save money???

  • Look for venues that might allow outside catering, sometimes hiring a caterer separate ends up being cheaper (and the regulars are probably sick of me always recommending Kevin from KS Catering) Even still some venues are far more expensive than other caterers, just be sure to run Through the whole budget when comparing venues with and without outside catering to see the best option. Also off months are key, some venues are far cheaper in the winter months.
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  • I sent KS an email on their website today based on your reccomendation from another post. Thx for the tips!
  • My husband is Military and we used that to the hilt on everything, We came in under buget on everything, but our "Wedding Planner" used that discount to help us get all and more on our wedding day. Our photographer was former Military so that really saved money on us, But on the providing your own food we found sites that would not allow that. Found a cater who was also former military so that really helped, purchased our own drinks so that really helped in the long run.
  • Can you provide the names and websites of the photographer and caterer ?

    Thanks so much for your help!
  • Have you thought about fort meade's burba lake house? I think it was 600 to rent might be less with military discount and you can bring your own food and can get married by the lake. I think it could hold up to 150 people. One thing we did to save money was to use an Ipod instead of hiring a DJ.
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  • Our best way of saving money has been to utilize the talents of our friends.

    Officient is a friend, doing ceremony for free
    Cake is being baked by a pro baker friend that my FI officiated her wedding
    Photography is at a super discount from a good friend's sister
    Mendhi being done free by a friend

    Also, we're using for invites and save the dates, which means no printed invitations.
  • From what you wrote my suggestions:

     a. Bar
    instead of having a full, open bar, to have the bar serve just beer and wine, and perhaps a signature drink or two.  Also, stop serving all alcohol at least an hour before the end of the event.  Finally, I'd suggest avoiding monogrammed style napkins and use just plain beverage napkins in your wedding colors, which you could find at Target, Walmart, or whatever local party supply store. 

    b. Favors
    Buy edible sugar decor in your wedding colors and make simple round or heart-shaped sugar cookies and then decorate with your wedding colors, buy non-ziplock, traditional clear plastic baggies, tie with ribbon or metallic twist-ties, add small typed label (make the weekend before the wedding with your fiance)

    c. use candles instead of flowers, as table decor, or similar - much cheaper than flowers (and can be resold if you buy LED style candles) (or - can be gifted to significant others such as godparents)

    Good luck


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