Do Grooms go to Bridal Shows?

I just got engaged a week ago!  We want to get married in October 2010, so of course we've got to get started right away with planning.  To make it even tougher, I live in Boston, my fiancee lives in Baltimore (for now) and the wedding will be in Baltimore.

My fiancee is very interested in planning and when I mentioned that I was flying back to Baltimore to attend the Baltimore Bridal Show in February, he asked if he could go.  I of course do not want to squelch his interest, but I didn't know if it's common for grooms to go to bridal shows?  Will he be completely out of place or will there be other guys there too?


Re: Do Grooms go to Bridal Shows?

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    I saw guys at the Baltimore one this past summer but I honestly thought it was kinda weird and they didn't look like they were having too much fun.... they were just kinda following the bride around w/bags full of the stuff the vendors were handing out!

    But that's great he's interested so he might actually have fun!
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    Mine went with me, and so did my dad, but I know it wasn't their cup of tea (to be honest, it's not really mine either). He did seem to enjoy entering the contests and tasting the cake though :-)  So, yes they do go and if he wants to that's great!
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    Great!  Thanks so much for your input! 
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    DH went to the one at the Baltimore Convention center and his admission was free.  At first he pouted, but then with tastings and things he actually was interested in, he enjoy himself.  You see a lot more guys then you would thing.
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    My Fiance went with me last Sunday and it helped him to understand what we really need to include in the was a great time for him to meet with several vendors about honeymoon questions and Men's Wearhouse was there as well...that was probably the highlight of his also enjoyed the free tastings...he didn't stay because he had to go to work so he left right before the bridal fashion show, which was fine with me...I am going to another one on Sunday and Bethesda, this one I am not including him...taking my MOH and possibly another bridesmaid...I say bring him if he wants to go :)
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