Derby Cqke

I was watching the food network and they were featuring some desserts from Louisville, KY. Has anyone ever had Louie's Derby Cake from Mert's Bakery? Any opinions?Apparently it's the official cake of the Kentucky Derby. I had only heard of a derby pie so this is news to me. They also featured Rebecca Ruth's Bourbon Balls Modjeska Candiesand some hard candy fish from Madison Indiana.

Re: Derby Cqke

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    BUT...Mert's wedding cakes are amazing! Melt in your mouth...I love to bake so I'm very picky...Also, she doesn't freeze her cakes like MANY bakers do...her's are actually fresh. Modjeska are good...I'd say they are liked by all I'm not a big fan of bourbon balls....i'd rather just have the bourbon!
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