hey, ladies! i got married in the virgin islands, but did have a reception here (louisville) at the ali center on july 11. if you would like to see my pictures - here's the information.go to www.seemyprints.comtype in mckinney and click on the names with the date 07/21 next to them. the password is Reef and it is case sensitive. i will probably DD this later.oh - and my photographer was jackie johnson. *gasp* i know she's been ripped apart on this board - and it was after i had booked her. but honestly, i loved her and josh both and had a great experience with them. if you want to see my actual wedding pictures (they went to the virgin islands with us) - you can click on the link that has the date 07/06 next to it. same password.=)

Re: Pictures!!

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    Congratulations on a lovely wedding and reception!
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    Samantha, I want you to know that I have SERIOUSLY prayed that you would be pleased by your wedding photos, so I'm extremely relieved that you are happy.Congrats again!
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    thanks, molly! me, too. ;) but, i am really pleased with how they turned out. and - you can tell in a few pictures where we aren't too close to the camera - my husband split his forehead open two days before the wedding in a freak accident while we were out on a boat in the middle of the she actually did a great job of photoshopping that out.
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    Loved your reception cake!
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