Kaden Tower reception

Has anyone done a reception or been to one at Kaden Tower civic center?

Re: Kaden Tower reception

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    I am interested in this also. I haven't visited the venue but the pictures online look very pretty!
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    My fiance and I looked at it about a week ago.  The pictures are beautiful, but in person its very small.  If you're not having many guests or a dance floor it would be fine. 
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    Well, that's a bummer!
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    Kaden Towers is lovely, especially the fountains that are beautiful at night. But yes, it's pretty small.  They will tell you they have room for 200, but if you had more than 135-150 you would be crammed in there. But for a small wedding it would be great!
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    We looked at having our wedding there however our guest list is too big.  It's a nice space however I had trouble getting past it being round with an elevator shaft in the middle of the room.  To me it felt like people on one side of the room would be cut off from the other.  However if you were to do food on one side and guests on the other it would probably work just fine.  One perk is that there's a private entrance around the back.  The fountains at night are really pretty and we were told if you make arrangements prior to the day you can go up to Ruth's Chris and take pictures from their balcony.
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