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Hi Ladies!  As I read these boards I am noticing that most of you all are in Louisville and Lexington.  I am hoping that someone out there is familiar with Bowling Green and WKU.  I had high hopes for my ceremony being on Westerns campus at the very top of the hill behind Cherry Hall and Van Meter in front of the Kissing Bridge, but there is construction going on and I don't think the area will be totally cleaned up in time.  The reception is happening in the KY Musuem.  Then I thought downtown on the square, but it is soooo loud and people driving by shout some really abnoxious things as they pass.  If anyone is familiar with BG and WKU and has any suggestions for outdoor venue please comment.  Thanks!

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    *swoon* I love the kissing bridge.  Seems like WKU has been under constant construction since I graduated in 2002.Have you considered the courtyard area in front of Florence Schneider, next to Wetherby?  That would be totally be in walking distance to the Museum.  That is where my husband proposed to me.  Not sure of the foot traffic during the weekend (and obviously, it's now the Gatton Academy..I have contacts I could get you in touch with.  Former intern for the Center for Gifted Studies). There is also the lawn of the Fine Arts Center.  Very easy to maintain the security there and still picturesque with the colonade.  I would give anything to have a vow renewal on campus. I've also heard of weddings at Lost River (how, I am not sure...?)  and in front of the restored Depot library.  Good luck!  
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    Those are great places that I never would have thought of!  Thanks for the advice!  I looked into Lost River Cave when I first began this process and it is way over my budget for a venue.  $1000 just to reserve, not including tables, chairs, lighting, golf carts for elderly and disabeled to even get down there, and amps for sound.  From what I understood, they will not allow any outside vendors as far as all that goes.  A very beautiful site, just a little much for what I am looking to spend.  :)  You're right about WKU!  It has been under construction in some form or fashion for what seems like forever!
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    Yeah, I always wondered how Lost River would work for the disabled and/or elderly.$1,000 is kinda of standard nowadays, sadly.  I paid $899 for use of my reception venue in Bardstown.  But I had exclusive use of the facility from Thursday until Monday.  That is rare and not at all common.  That is total baloney about their vendor list, though.  Good luck! Oh! oh!  Have you thought about the Guthrie bell tower?  That would seem like a picturesque place, too.  Can't believe I forgot about that one.
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    I hate all of that construction up there.  :(  I think the Kissing Bridge would have been beautiful!!! What about next to the Walking Bridge? I don't know that real name of it, but it's over there off Duncan Hines? I bet that has some beautiful scenery.
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