Families States Apart! :/

Trying to decide on a venue, but before that, we need to decide in which state that venue will be! We're having trouble because all my FI's family and friends are in Alabama and all mine are here in Kentucky. The main issue is that I've got a grandmother who has cancer and doesn't travel well, yet his mother has MS and is in the same boat. We're in quite a pickle here.
How do I decide who has to travel and who doesn't and how far? Yes, having it at an equal mid-way point for everyone would be nice, but planning a wedding that far away from home is very hard on a budget.
Advice please on how to handle and any indights that may haven't crossed my mind yet!? Wedding Countdown Ticker

Re: Families States Apart! :/

  • I think tradition says the bride's hometown. 

    I vote wherever you all live or are going to settle. 

    You could also do a little ceremony or something at one and the traditional wedding at the other. 

    Either way, try to make some accommodations for whoever is traveling and not 100%- plenty of time for them to recover between traveling and activities, or a nice cool place to rest if the are needed to be at the venue or somewhere for a longer time. 
  • I actually think would think the opposite of the previous poster, as far as where to have the wedding. I would have it in the opposite  location of where you are going to live. Its an opportunity to see the people there that you won't see on a regular basis. And I would have some sort of mini reception or something at the other location for anyone that couldn't make it. Nothing elaborate, just to let peiple know you care about them too.
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