How much should I budget for a photographer?

I am in the NKY area and I want to make sure that I get a good photographer... 100 years from now, all that will be left are the pictures... but my fiance and I are paying for our own wedding.  What should we budget?  What is reasonable?  and do you have any suggestions?

Re: How much should I budget for a photographer?

  • I would also say around 2,000. I paid 1,700, but I'm sure after I buy prints to hang it will be closer to 2,000. I'm using James Byrd Photography. Good luck!
  • I'm in central KY, near Frankfort and Lexington and our photographer is $480 for 5 hours on wedding day. He has 20% off right now and that price does not include many prints but does include the cd and the rights to it. If we need extra time on wedding day, it's $50/hour. He included our engagement session for $50. I'm pretty excited and only wish I were photogenic. 
  • I would budget $2,000 as well.  We are also paying for our own wedding and the pictures are what we're willing to put the most money into because, as you said, it will be the only thing to show years down the road!
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    Jillzky-Who is your photographer? Do you have a link to his/her website?
  • His name is John McCain (I know, right?) of McCain's Creations.  We just had our engagement session with him yesterday and he is so laid back--really set me at ease so it was a nice experience.  Here's a link to his website:
  • Who is your photographer?
  • I chose Nina Mullins.  She is very expensive ($3800), but I think that she is worth every penny.  Good luck!  I'm sure whomever you chose will be amazing!

  • Check out theyre cheapest package starts at 2500$ but Amber has been absolutely amazing helping me narrow down a date and working with us on price. They work out of Lexington, KY. Their pictures are absolutely AMAZING (as you will see on their website). She works with her husband Troy and they seriously make you feel like family and even with the cheapest package of 2500$ they include a free bridala nd engagement session to "get to know you". I know she offers discounts for "off season" and weddings too!
    Good Luck
  • Oh! Also... I looked into J Katheryn Photography out of Frankfort to and she was very quick to respond and friendly also, She had a great package including prints and engagement session around $1200? i think...
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